Award Winning Olive Oil

Welcome to Matapiro Olives, New Zealand's most awarded olive oil. We produce certified extra virgin olive oil which means the oil has been tested and found to be of the highest quality. From our Estate we lovingly produce three different labels of oils, to suit every palette and purse.

We save our finest varietals, for our Premium Gold blend. As with all premium products often the volumes are not high, but the quality is supreme.

Estate Blends are created by tasting all the best oils, and batch blending for total consistency.

Our 100% Kiwi brand is a welcome introduction to the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) space – it is very fresh and carries the health giving properties of EVOO without the complexity of our other oils.


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Premium Blends Matapiro Premium Oils

Our premium oil has a well deserved reputation as one of New Zealand's best tasting extra virgin olive oils. Testament to this are the numerous awards we have won, and we're still counting. This single varietal oil will always reflect the pinnacle of our craft.

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Estate Blends Estate Blends

Matapiro Estate Blends remain true to our superior taste and quality ethos, but through careful blending we have been able to come up with a range that is more cost effective, and offers a wider range of applications in the kitchen, with great flavour consistency year-on-year.

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100% Kiwi 100% Kiwi

The benefits of cold pressing and the economy of high yielding varieties, allows us to bring to market an oil offering all the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, at an affordable price. 100% Kiwi has the Heart Foundation Tick of approval.

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